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voice. we are under a vote right now. this is what we used. the biggest voice in the united states is the voice of the american people. i was reading in the journals . . that is the wife of our second president. our second president, john adams. abigail adams wrote in her journals and diaries, and very personal insight. she said, after all we have done. after all that has happened. i wonder if generations on born will ever know what was done for
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them. at the sacrifice, the toyo, -- toil, treasure, heartache, what was spent to secure liberty and freedom. the fathers knew the cost. you literally stand with us on how aground. this is hallowed ground of freedom. that freedom was purchased at an incalculable price that others of us cannot truly comprehend. for 233 years, every generation that has come before has faithfully handed the baton of
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freedom to the next generation. so now, we are that privileged generation. privileged to be here today. privileged as you stand here in place for other freedom loving americans all over the country today. they would give anything to be where you are. they would give anything to stand here on this hallowed ground. can you feel then? -- them? americans turning to be a country -- yearning to be a country to be freed. not only to secure liberty for americans, but also a place of refuge for those that know nothing but oppression across the world. america is the country for good and freedom. and justice.
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that is america. when we came down to this final hour, as the clock is ticking 11:59 on this health care reform, speaker pelosi is poised with her health care bill to take over 18% of the american economy. come on, don't hold back, tell them how you really feel. my colleagues and i that are gathered on these steps, last week, we were trying to discover -- >> kill the bill! kill the bill!
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>> and that is exactly what you're going to tell them. that is exactly the message. my colleagues and i last week were trying to figure out what we could do, because quite simply, the republicans don't have the votes to kill this bill. every lever of power is controlled by one party in the sea. we knew that we were limited. but what we knew was on limited -- was unlimited is the voice of the american people. that is why you're here with your voice of persuasion. last friday, we issued a very simple challenge, and we said this. we will be here on the steps of the united states capitol. for anyone who can make it, please come. join us to stand for freedom.
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at the last hour, we will have a need up for freedom and let our voices be heard. and one of the first voices, one of the very first voices to respond to that call came to my cellphone when i was at home in my living room in minnesota last saturday. it was a true patriot. a true national treasure. as a matter of fact, he starred in a movie called "national treasure." please help me welcome mr. john voight. [applause] >> what a crowd. no wonder i could not get a room.
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i am deeply proud to be among you brave, concerned, patriotic american citizens. i have brought other folks with a from loss angeles. the dear friend of mine, a small-business owner who represents all of the small business owners around our country that are suffering one way or another. i like to have him step forward and say hello. >> great to be here is an honor. i am here to represent on behalf of small businesses, on the penurious -- an entrepreneurs that not want this health care
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bill. they say there is an economic crisis like none other from the great depression. so what you do during an economic crisis? do you grow government? no. do you penalize all businesses? you cut government spending, and you focus on small business and jobs. my wife escaped iran when she was 19 years old. she climbed through the turkish mountains and came here with no possessions. now she owns a business and she supports 300 families. this is the american dream. we want that dream to continue. we are here to support these brave congressional people that are going to stop this health care bill. god bless you. it got less america, land of the
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free, home of the brave. thank you. >> and now, another friend of mine. your children may know him as ham the pig from "toy story." others know him as the creator of an environmental packaging system that replaces styrofoam. as an author, others simply know him as cliff from "cheers." [applause] >> thank you. i am humbled to be here as the son of a truck driver in connecticut. it really is quite an honor. we have to remember, for every working man and woman in our
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country, these people that are trying to force this health care bill upon us are not the philosophical descendant of john kennedy and tip o'neill. they are the philosophical descendants of wavy gravy. these are woodstock democrats. let me explain what i mean by that. i was at woodstock. i was a tractor driver that helped build the stage with the carpentry skills i had. what's that? that's right. when it started raining because -- and it fell apart because nobody was prepared, it was a mess. the very people that they railed against in their philosophical outlook on life, the military and the government, it was the national guard that saved woodstock. it is the very people they are
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against that are saving them still to this day. we have to remember where the philosophy comes. it does not come from america. it comes from overseas. it comes from socialism. socialism is the philosophy of failure. the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of ignorance. it's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. i have to think winston churchill for that ". i want to thank you all for being here. >> usa! usa! >> you betcha.
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usa. today is a very important day. the energy of all the past presidents are surrounding us. those who lived in our majestic white house, they and their administrations kept america safe and intact as the united states of america, following our great constitution and all of the beliefs and teachings of our founding fathers, they protected our liberties and freedoms. but i am sad to say that president obama and this administration are not doing the same. far from it. i am honored to be at the side of michelle bachmann, a great
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congresswoman. a great human being. a true american patriot. to hopefully be a voice of all americans who do not want to pass a obama government run health care. we do not want our freedom of choice taken away from us. president obama has his own obsession with trying to ram this health bill through to create a socialist america. we would be no better off than the european countries of canada and new zealand that suffered greatly from a poor health care system. their system creates many deaths. is that what we want?
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i agree with you. i say no as well. we, as freedom loving americans must not be scared into obama as radical chicago tactics. his agenda is not for the poor. it is slowly -- solely for his political gain. the lies and propaganda are all very blatant, as shown to us by those who exposed acorn, which is as corrupt as all the president's czars. and obama is willing to deny his connection to acorn, claiming no awareness of his -- of their support and our tax dollars.
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this country is showing signs of his failed stimulus programs. his only success in his one-year term as president is taking america apart, piece by piece. could it be he has had 20 years of self-conscious programming -- subconscious programming by reverend wright to damn america? let them hear our concerns and deep commitment and protection of america. president obama, how long as a going to take you to bring victory in afghanistan and not sit idly while we watched our soldiers being killed? god bless our great nation, and
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may god give us all strength to prevail. thank you. >> thank you, john. the republican conference chair, a gentleman of incredible principal character -- character. >> it is an honor to stand here with my colleagues. all of the republican leaders. tom price, michelle bachmann. let me say with conviction that the american people are always welcome at the people's house. 28 years ago on these historic steps, president ronald reagan said that we are a nation that has a government, not the other way around. now comes the pelosi plan for
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government takeover of health care. it is a freight train of runaway spending, bloated bureaucracy, mandates, and higher taxes. it must be opposed. house republicans are here to deliver a simple message to speaker nancy pelosi and to the american people. madam speaker, we the people are tired of runaway federal spending in washington, d.c. we the people want health care reform that lower the cost of health insurance, not gross the size of government -- grows the size of government. to my fellow citizens i say, if you cherish freedom, if you fear the crushing weight of big government, and if you still believe that the strength of
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this nation is in the character and courage and ingenuity of the american people, this is your moment. now is the time. let your voice be heard. thank you, and god bless. >> kill the bill! kill the bill! >> the gentleman from new jersey, scott garrett. >> good morning, freedom loving americans. it is inspiring to come out of the steps and see the magnitude of people coming out here to make your voice heard. at a special shout out to all of those from the state of new jersey.
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we have a doctor standing next to us. one of the first things they teach you in medical school is the democratic both which teaches you, first, do no harm. let's apply this test to speaker policies health care bill -- a policy pose a health care bill. the one the government to harm the economy by raising taxes by four under and $60 billion? -- $460 billion? no. what about raising the price on pacemakers, pacemakers -- wheelchairs? do you want the government to put a bureaucrat between you and the doctor. ? neither do y, and neither do the people standing behind us. they must first do no harm.
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her bill does much harm. you have come here to fight for freedom. let's see this bill be definitive -- defeated. >> that is just what we are going to do. we have, joining us today, a gentleman that some of you may recognize, who was actually willing to leave the underground bunker and join us. he wrote a book -- it informs us of what the true issue is on our time, liberty and tyranny.
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>> what the hell is this? i say it, and the flag drops. hold up the flag, and a drop that. you don't have to pick it up, doctor. you will hurt your back. first of all, i want to thank you all for coming out here. many of you traveled from all over the country. we thank you very -- by the way, write this down.
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see this building here? you on that building. -- own that building. the people who run that building today reject limited constitutional government. they have spent trillions of dollars that did not belong to them. they have bankrupted our children. they have driven unemployment to nearly 10%. they have destroyed small businesses. it-nationalized large businesses. they are taking a wrecking ball to this magnificent society. that is the first nine months. >> th
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the helli is this thing here? i know they have not read the bill because i know they can't write. not you. them. but they are not done. having ruined the banking system, the auto industry, the housing market, energy production, the education system, having robbed the social security trust fund, the medicare trust fund, and the highway trust fund, they tell us to trust them. do you trust them? >> no! >> now they have their sights on the mother of all entitlement. they want to control you. they want to control your children, your parents, your doctor, your nurse. are you getting all this down,
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this is brilliant stuff. these are patriotic citizens, and they are tired of being speared, be perfectly honest with you. we are not going anywhere. now they want to control health care. they want to control the kind of insurance -- the kind of insurance. they want to control if you can purchase insurance. and what to decide what benefits you can have. they want to decide how much you're going to pay. and they want to ration care. the bottom line is, they want to play god and decide who lays into dyes -- who lives and who dies. that is pretty scary. for them, when they are asked, where is your authority under
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the constitution? they laugh. to hell with the constitution. to hell with individual liberty and private property. to hell with people that want nothing to do with this, which is most of us. but not so fast. we are not ready for this. the american people -- vote them out, he says. let me tell you something. they do not know what they are in for next november, do that? -- do they? all right, it's a press conference. doesn't much matter. and they won't get it right anyway. not all of them. the politicians in this country , not all of them, some of them
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we need to be discerning. some of them are drunk with power. >> vote them out! >> let ago. -- let it go. who ami to stop them? vote them out! i am not allowed to join them. allr ight. -- all right. they want to cut to the chase. here is the chase. i want to quote ronald reagan. because he could say things the rest of us could never say. he said, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. we did not pass it to our children in the bloodstream. it must be fought for. protected. and handed on for them to do the
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same. one day, we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the united states when men were free. god bless you, god bless america. >> please join me in welcoming the republican leader from chicago, john beohner. -- boehner. >> i want to thank you all for coming to the capital today and for exercising your constitutional right to petition your government. your voice is needed today. frankly, your voice is critical today. in august, americans across this nation showed up in town hall meetings all across their
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country with their members of congress. they showed up right here by the hundreds of thousands on september 12. they all came to say, enough of mortgaging our children's future. enough of spending money that we don't have. a enough of the regulation, enough of the bailouts. most of all, they said enough of the insanity from washington, d.c. and from politicians who are not listening to their constituents. the town hall rebellion was not about one political party or the other. it was a simple statement by americans that they love our country. they love our way of life. they love the things that america stands for. prosperity, freedom. they want nothing more than the hand freedom of to their kids
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and their grandkids. this weekend, the house of representatives is likely to vote on pelosi care. this bill is the greatest threat to freedom that i have seen in the 19 years i have been here in washington. taking away your freedom to choose your doctor. the freedom to buy health insurance on your own. it will lead to a government takeover of our health-care system with tens of thousands of new bureaucrats write down the street making these decisions for you. and i don't know what the outcome of the vote is going to be. i can tell you why i am voting now. -- no. i will stand with you, the freedom loving americans, against this bill.
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this is my copy of the constitution. i am going to stand here with our founding fathers, who wrote in the preamble, we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among these life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. join us in saying no to a government takeover of health care. join us in rejecting higher taxes and lower deficits. join us in defending our freedom. and join us in defeating's care -- pelosi care. >> the gentleman from arizona.
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mr. john shaddegg. @@@@@@@
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your plan out from between you and your doctor, and it would not put the government in between. but the struggle goes on, and on, and on. you and i have been handed the torch to fight for freedom. to fight against this health care bill. to fight against the socialist -- the socialism in this cap- and-trade bill. to fight against the the leaders had not believe minutes -- in this nation -- to fight against the leaders that do not believe in this nation. stop and reflect. in the course of human history,
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terry has never won. -- tyranny has never won. freedom has always prevailed. please go home and call every single american you know. engage them in this fight. with your help, freedom will whin. >> a lover and a leader of preserving the constitution, from virginia, eric cantor. >> welcome to your capital. welcome to your house. i especially want to welcome those common-sense conservatives from the commonwealth of virginia that made their voices heard on tuesday.
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as the republican whip, i want to let you know that i have reached out to every republican member of congress in this house. let me assure you, your efforts to stop this bill are being heard a loud and clear -- heard loud and clear. and i will guarantee you that we are committed to making sure that not one republican will vote for this bill. and with your help, we are going to try and pick up as many common sense democrats that will
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join with us to stop this trillion dollar takeover of our health care in this country. thank you very, very much for being here. >> the gentleman from iowa, steve king. >> look at this. as far as my eyes can see, i can see americans that came from every corner of this continent. from the pacific ocean to the atlantic ocean, the eastern seaboard, the midwest, you are all here. this wasn't even an idea a week ago. but i want to give credit to where the idea came from originally. it came from the mouth of america's most decorated hero who has a medal of honor and 69 other metals. giving a speech in iowa, he said i don't think we can save our
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freedom unless we can surround the capitol building. that is what i relate to my friend michele machmann -- bachmann. she said, why can't we? we're here. we own this hill. we are the american people. you took this hill. remember some of those other battles? lexington and concord, bunker hill, porkchop hill, hamburger hill, this is a much easier hill to take. we will not leave this hill until we kill this bill. god bless you. >> the gentleman from michigan,
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mr. pete hoekstra. >> i have a contrast in front of you. 35 pages and our founding fathers in trying to freedom. 2000 pages that the people have to take your freedom away. remember, america's future begins with us. madam speaker, throw out this bill. to all of us, embrace the constitution. our guest from the founding fathers, thank you for being here. >> thank you, pete. we are joined by some many good friends here, in front of me on
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the lawn, and joining us on the stage today. a gentleman to protect the unborn and religious freedom. a former marine -- marine and police officer. please join in welcoming the president of family research. >> thank you for being here today, and wanting to take back our country. let's thank michelle bachmann for her leadership. my friends, this bill is not health care reform. this is radical social policy, dressed up and a hospital gown. how many of you have never worn a hospital gown? you know that at some point in time, the very thing that you want hidden is going to be exposed. we are going to expose the radical anti-life policy in this
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bill. last weekend, planned parenthood president richards wrote to supporters and said, i have been talking to leaders in the house and senate since the beginning. helping them craft legislation that protect women, respects choice, and expands access. meaning expanding abortion on your dime. former surgeon general c. everett coop wrote a letter about pelosi care to nancy pelosi. he said he was concerned about americans being forced to subsidize abortions. do you want to pay for abortions? abortion is not health care. he says that it is essential for an abortion funding restriction
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amendment like the one included in the department of health and human services and 1976 be included in any health-care bill that is signed into law. this legislative language is necessary to ensure that collective abortions in health care are not financed by the public. my friends, pelosi care, obama care, bad care, whatever you call it. this is not a prescription to improve the health care delivery system. this is an infusion of taxpayer money into the financially troubled organizations like planned parenthood. this is not health care reform. this is another bailout of the abortion industry with your money. we must stop this health care bill. >> a wonderful leader for
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freedom in the united states congress, the gentle lady from tennessee, marsha blackburn. >> welcome to washington, especially to all of you tennessee andans. thank you for helping us kill this bill. we are especially pleased to see so many women the crowd today. people can make health-care decisions for their families, children, and they know that this bill is bad medicine. we are the party of k-n-o-w. i have read this bill. this is not what we need for health care. thank you for being here today. for helping us kill this bill,
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and for making your voice is heard. let's get to work. we have a lot of work to do between now and saturday. >> we come from all different backgrounds in congress. there are nine members of the republican conference that our physicians. one is the gentleman from texas, dr. mike burgess. >> is texas in the house? this bill, when it came through our committee on july 31 at 10:00 at night, i voted no. but it is good for something, now i can see you in the back. i love the sign over there that says "you can't fix stupid." if you stand still long enough, we will try ataxia -- to tax you. you have to keep being heard
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this weekend. it is like an inoculation, the vaccination to prevent the illness of pelosi care. when we came back in september, that immunity started to wane and get week. -- weak. this is our booster shot. god bless america. >> that bill made him taller, but didn't make and smarter. can't make him smarter. >> the gentle lady from virginia. >> thank you all for making the effort to be here today. we are very grateful to you, and we are so proud. we are about to vote on the most important bill in a generation. nancy pelosi wants you to think is a cure-all.
3:43 am
she is dead wrong. this free spending boondoggle is a freedom killer that will devastate our economic vitality. it replaces the physicians with bureaucrat bean counters and drowns future generations in that river of red ink. this congress is on a collision course with the principles of freedom and liberty that our founding fathers blent and died for. please continue to stand up and make your voice heard and to gather your friends and neighbors to do the same. . .
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>> i am proud to be here from the great state of new jersey where we elected a republican governor to the state house and senate message to robert obama and nancy pelosi. a little over a year ago, crowds like this that support the country were gathering and they were organized by a group you may have heard of, acorn. they were chanting yes, we can. many of those well-meaning americans did not quite know what ms. pelosi and rob obama and barney frank met when they said yes, we can. they met yes, we cannot raise
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taxes and drive you out of your homes, take over your health care and take the country down the road to destruction. that is what they meant. but we have a different message. our message ith r
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>> thank you for coming. when i was born, i did not deserve to be born in this great country. i did not deserve all the freedoms that i was going to experience. i got those inalienable rights because people went before meet and when before you. they fought for them, protected them, secured them, and that is why we have them and that is what we have to pass on to those who come after us. [applause] you were told that you could
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keep your insurance coverage. on page 91 it says if you add a bit of history or change any term or condition, you do not keep it. were you told the truth? you were told that this would not fund abortion. page 110 that certain instances described in this paragraph for the expenditure of federal funds appropriated for the department of health and human services is permitted. were you told the truth? folks, you have got to read this bill, because it is the only way that you can overcome the fact that joe wilson was right, and that is part of why we are here. read the book, read the bill,
3:48 am
and then truth will march on. thank you, and god bless you. >> the gentleman from louisiana. >> thank you, tom, and i want to thank so many freedom loving american patriots for coming out today to let your voices be heard. we are here today in opposition to speaker pelosi's 1990 page of government health care take over. those of you who have read it know of all the bad things in it. over $700 billion in new taxes in this bill. $500 billion in cuts to medicare for senior citizens in this bill. with all of the mandates and all the other things that do not
3:49 am
belong in here. we broke it down. this bill comes out to over $530 million per page in new federal spending. i can tell you is a lot of pages. it is about 20 pounds i am holding up here. some people have asked me, how much as $1 billion look like. you do not have to get past page two to c $1 billion in new federal spending. the federal government should not be running banks. we should not be running car companies. we should not have all these czars and we do not need the federal government running our health care. thank you for all your doing to help us defeat this bill here. thank you. >> we have dropped the bill so many times we have got its scattered all over. join me in welcoming the gentleman from missouri. >> in an avalanche of misleading
3:50 am
statements, the biggest misleading statement made is, we have to do what nancy pelosi wants to do or we do not do any thing. republicans have better ideas. we listen to you in february. we listened to you in march. we listened to you in august, and we are listening to you today. we have better ideas, more we have better ideas, more choices, more freedomno carrier0 you will.
3:51 am
you will. and we must. the constitution of the united states starts with freed very powerful words, we, the people, and we, the people, are speaking. nancy pelosi, listen. fellow patriots, go tell your congressman you are not going to eat this rotten, stinking fish. we are going to put a stop sign in front of her steamroller of socialism. don't do it, patriots. >> can you tell he is a former marine? a gentleman who has joined us as a special guest who has consistently fought for lower taxes, matt kibby.
3:52 am
>> we have a spat -- a staying at freedom works. government goes to those who show up. guess what? you showed up. i have a prediction. sometimes in the not too distant future we will look back on today, november 5, 2009, and say that is the day you killed health care. are you ready to make history? >> a gentleman you may have heard of from south carolina, joe wilson. [applause]
3:53 am
>> thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you. ladies and gentlemen, they get so much for your support for liberty. thank you for supporting the alternative, and a jar-3400. we have a good alternative -- hr-3400. speaker pelosi did not mean for you to be here. in fact, in july, speaker pelosi mentioned the takeover bill -- win for the takeover bill to be passed. fortunately, the american people found out that senior citizens were under attack by squeezing senior citizens have a trillion
3:54 am
dollars. small businesses found out about the taxes that would virtually eliminate small business in the united states. we also found out that the bill would cost 1.6 new million jobs. you made a difference in july. then you also made a difference at the town hall meetings. thank you for attending. you make such a great difference. you know where the difference counts, and that is with boats. on tuesday, the american people made a difference. millions of americans made a difference, and they voted. in the great state of virginia, where my ancestors are from, there was a clean house, a suite in support of those candidates who support limited government, expanded freedom, in the tradition of thomas jefferson.
3:55 am
on sunday, i was there simply urging people to vote and participate in the election, to change the incumbent governor. it is sort of shocking, but later that day the incumbent governor asked me and said that i it should not have been in that state. hey, i am grateful the voters of new jersey acted. they produced change. thank you for being here. we can make or change next year. you make a difference. god bless you. >> the gentleman from the volunteer state.
3:56 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, big government is not the solution. the government is the problem. i am here is a candidate for governor of our state to represent what the framers called a living laboratories of democracy. there are 50 of them, called the stakes. what most people do not realize about the health care takeover is that they wrote the vast majority of these people back on the state by enhancing and increasing medicaid without the money to pay for it. that is why yesterday five democratic governors in the country spoke out loudly against this bill. what ever happened to that 10th amendment? let's band together at home in our states and protect freedom for future generations. thank you all. >> we have members from every
3:57 am
end of the country fighting for freedom. one is the member from texas, jack his ruling. >> you know that your house, there are people there who do not belong there. do not leave this city until your voice permeates these walls with a message, this is our house, and we will take it back. there are of a thousand reasons to oppose this government takeover of our healthcare system build. let me give you a trillion more, it is cost. i have a message. mr. president, speaker pelosi, you do not improve a nations held by bankrupting its children. a republican bill will lower
3:58 am
your premiums, lower the deficit, and most importantly, it will honor and respect your freedom. god bless you. [applause] >> joe barton from the great state of texas. >> thank you, america, for showing up today. i look out in the crowd and i see folks from north carolina, ohio, tennessee, georgia, all over our great nation. is there anybody from texas here? come by my office and i will give a dr pepper. there is a sign over here that says you cannot fix the stupid. that is right, but we can vote it down. with your help, we will be stupid. -- we will beat stupid. god bless america.
3:59 am
>> another position member in congress is the gentleman from louisiana, john flemming. >> this time last year i was a private citizen and practicing physician. it seems to me that washington is very hypocritical and very arrogant. do you think so? when i got here i found out i had greatly underestimated the problem. i and many of my colleagues launched house resolution 615. it simply says if you vote for this bill, you should be subject to the public option. we have tried to pass the amendment after amendment to require every congressman and senator to be in the public option if it passed. we have yet to have one democrat support this. so if you think t

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